Movie Night - cup or gram

Movie Night - cup or gram

99 DKK

Pages: 140

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This eBooks is:
- Vegan
- 100% Medical Medium go
- Glutenfree
- Refined sugar free
- Raw and cooked
- Has some nut free alternatives

The eBook includes dinner and lunch recipes along with dessert and snack recipes. 

The recipes will contain foods from the following groups: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, almonds, herbs (both fresh and dried), spices and coconut (not coconut milk from a can). Some of the recipes are fat-free.

This is an electronic eBook so you will not receive a paper version but a PDF file which you can print out yourself.

At delivery you choose 'free delivery'.

When you have paid for the eBook you will in a matter of 1 to 2 weekdays receive an email with the eBook in a PDF file. 

Published: 2018