English - Have A (N)ice Day

English - Have A (N)ice Day

15 DKK

’Have a (n)ice day’ is an eBook filled with nice cream recipes for every taste. Not only are there a ton of nice cream recipes but there are also soft ice, ice cream sandwiches and ice cream bowls, that has a nut free alternativ.     

We have not used an ice cream machine for the recipes in this eBook - instead we have used a blender or a foodprocessor.                                      

If you follow Anthony William (Medical Medium) the recipes are 100 % go. 

This is an electronic ebook so you will not receive a paper version but a PDF file which you can print out yourself.

At delivery you choose 'free delivery'.

When you have paid for the book you will in a matter of 1 to 2 weekdays receive an email with the ebook in a PDF file.